Conversations about Art follows threads such as: Art and Uncertainty, Art and Happiness, and Art and Spirituality, in conversations between Heidi Zuckerman, a globally recognized contemporary art museum director, author, and speaker, and artists, curators, collectors, athletes, actors, musicians, politicians and CEOs. An inspiring storyteller and trusted conversation partner, Zuckerman connects people to art, artists, and ideas to make their lives better!

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Over a 25 year period Tim Blum and Jeff Poe have fostered the careers of artists such as Takashi Murakami, Mark Grotjahn, Henry Taylor... More Info

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Heidi Zuckerman is the CEO and Director of the Aspen Art Musuem. Heidi joined Lance to talk about giving opportunities to all for access to the Arts. They also talk about the decision to continue their relationship with Lance in light of controversy. Heidi also discuses her new book, Conversations with Artists, and the challenges of opening a new art museum.

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